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What is Transcribeme?

  • What is TranscribeMe? :- Transcribeme is an online
    home base job site. Here you can do replication and data entry tasks.
    Here you will be given tasks by different clients and you will need to do those tasks.
    For example, here you will be given a 5, 10, 20-minute audio file, and you will need to transcribe that audio into a text file.
  • How to apply? :- First, open the official site in transcriptome and click the Sing up button and then click Copy. And fill out the application correctly or submit an application. You will then have to take an exam and you will be selected for work if you pass this test.

Employee Reviews

Sadly it was abandoned due to the law as it is an unfortunate time for freelancers but it is not really the company's fault.

When you achieve non-stop work, you join special teams, so don't give up until you join them. In fact, the salary is greatly increased when you get to edit your files and send them directly to the customer.

From emergency dispatch, race car, business, legal, education to always interesting work. You can join the medical team and learn a lot of medical and HIPAA-compliant. Able to work offline on some projects and learn different types of transcription software.

Yes, the salary for entry-level transcribers may be higher and you certainly cannot stay away from money during this time. But I always considered that the "free education" period that the company offers to all. Then, as you keep practicing, ask questions, and learn that what you put in is not good nor low. I now consider myself a professional transcriptionist and it is very impressive that this is an app-based, crowdfunding type of company.

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